Security and Guidance

The security and safety of our pupils is of paramount importance, hence no one is allowed to collect a pupil before the official closing time and even then, there is going to be a signatory book which must be signed prior to the release of the pupil to his/her parent or guardian.  

Registration for Admission

Prospective parents/guardians wishing to register their children/wards in the school must obtain a copy of the school’s prospectus together with appropriate registration forms from the Headmistress’s Office.

Entertainment and Sports

Various entertainment programs are lined up for the children e.g. end-of term activities, end-of-year party, sporting activities, cultural displays etc. Regular sports and games are organized and pupils are encouraged to participate fully as a means of developing interests and nurturing the spirit of sportsmanship. 


One block of a well labels 5 classrooms for the Primary school.

 One block of a well label 2 classrooms and one art centre for the nursery school.

 A multipurpose laboratory for elementary sciences.

 A well-equipped computer Room.

               An    administrative   block    for    the    Head    teacher,   General      office,

Bursar/Accountant and a store.

 School Assembly hall

 At least two classroom-sized for the school Library.

 The size of the classroom shall not be less than 7m x 4m x 3m for the height.

 All other infrastructures will be certified and approved by the ministry of works and transport or the concerned local government works department

Academic Coordinator

The Academic Coordinator is the coordinator of all the teaching and non-teacher staff of AIBAN Nursery and Primary school. The Academic Cordinator, The Administrator and the Registrar  is responsible to the Board of Directors of the school. They in turn manage and supervise all operational inputs of all the teaching and non-teaching staff of the school. 

School Calendar

The School calendar is in accordance with the Adamawa State Ministry of Education’s Program. All public holidays are observed.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Interesting programmes such as musical concerts, science exhibitions, excursions, debates, Scouting and Brownies are organized for the students to promote a healthy and more balanced development of the children. 

Pupil’s Welfare

Children must have their breakfast before coming to school and where possible come with packed light snacks for their mid-day meal. The School should be informed in writing of pupil’s absence from school and should be notified whenever any child is sick. Parents should keep the school authority abreast of any change of address as well as that of the family doctor. The management must be briefed in confidence of any peculiar sickness/ailment which any pupil may be suffering from, as this will help the management in cases of emergency. Two medical staffs had been employed to man our sickbay in order to attend to emergency cases that may occur during school period. A Suggestion Box has been provided to elicit parent/guardian’s views, suggestions and other helpful advice on improvement of general welfare of the school.

List of Departments

Various departments have been earmarked for Adamawa International Bright Academy of Nigeria, these include the following:

  • Library
  • Administration
  • Sports
  • Bursary/Accounting

Staff Trainings

 The school staffs shall be on training and workshop session once in every year (especially during the end of the session) so as to move them abreast of information and teaching skills needed to train the school children and provide them with opportunities for improving their supervisory and managerial skills through courses/workshops and conferences. Also the headmistress of the school shall also participate in seminar training such as training in School Management and Administration and also induction courses for Head teacher. The nature of the seminar shall be both internal and external as teachers may also be sometimes called upon to write and presents to co-staffs on current issues within his/her teaching subject.


Adamawa International Bright Academy of Nigeria offers a highly qualitative education to all children from three years for Nursery and five years for Primary school. Religious, ethnic, political or any other form of social discrimination has no place in our institution.

School Uniform

All Pupils must be in their school uniforms during school sessions. At least two sets of uniforms are recommended for each student and children in primary school section are to dress in sport wears and local wears on Wednesdays and Fridays respectively. Details relating to the procurement of the school uniform could be obtained from the Headmistress’s Office. 


 Our School fees are quite reasonable compared to the facilities provided. Fees should preferably be paid in advance, but where this is not possible, it should however be paid not later than the end of the first week into the new term. Details of the current regime of school fees can be obtained from the office of the Headmistress. Fees are to be paid by means of “Teller” into the designated School Bank Account. Pupils whose fees are not paid within the stipulated period will be advised to stay at home until such fees are paid in full. The school official receipts should be obtained for every payment made.  

Moreover, the first term will run from January to April, the second term from April to July while the third term runs from September to December. The school will go on the end of session break till when the school resumes again in late January.

The students in last stage of their primary education will be mandated to take the common entrance examination. They are required to register for four subjects (Mathematics, English, quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning). This examination will be conducted at both level of the federal ministry and the state ministry of education depending on the student choice of examination. 

Teaching Methods

The teaching methods of AIBAN  nursery and primary school shall be to meet the stated objective for the establishment of the school. The methods will comprises the following

  • Game play
  • Role play
  • Symbols and model

Use of counting Materials etc